I am Allison, the maker at Junipermoon.  For now all I’ll say is that a bit of me is in each puppet as well as the character bio that accompanies them.   I work hard to make unique, quality puppets for all ages to enjoy.  Lately creativity has been fueled by lots and lots of This American Life with a bit of the Ceeb and Jon and Roy thrown in for good measure.

I’ll get back to making salsa, bread, muffins etc so that I can get the kids off to soccer, karate, guitar etc. Then back to the puppet making den.  Repeat!

It’s a busy, full life and I feel grateful to be able to spend it with the many incandescent people I know (past, present and future).

Thanks for taking the time to check out this site.  Head over to my  facebook page to see what’s new and of course feel free to contact me anytime.

I hope you are having a wonderful day.