Carry-a-Log home

This Carry-a-Log home is sure to provide hours of creative play for someone special.

Each set is a bit different as they are individually handmade but do include:  Carry-a-Log home (rolls up neatly with velcro to keep it closed up when you are on the go or want to tidy up.

2 hand carved and painted Woodfolk

2 sleeping bags

1 table and chairs set (table cloth, vase)

Pizza (wooden!)

A mini fire for evening entertainment

Each log is approxiamately 5″tall, 9.5″ long

Additional Woodfolk are $10 each and can be included in the order at no additional shipping costs.


If you are from Saskatoon/surrounding area let me know!  We can avoid shipping charges 🙂

$80 CDN + 20 shipping